Aviv A. Rosenberg

PhD Student @ CS, Technion • MLE & Data Scientist @ Sibylla


I’m a PhD student in the VISTA Lab at the Technion Computer Science Faculty, advised by Prof. Alex Bronstein. I am also a machine learning engineer and data scientist at Sibylla, where I lead the design and implementation of our ML platform.

My research focuses on implementing machine learning tools for practical use in medicine and biology, including modeling and analysis of heart rate variability, detection of abnormalities in ECG signals, statistical methods such as conformalization and quantile regression, quantification of uncertainty, and reliability in deep learning systems in medical applications.

I hold an MSc in Biomedical Engineering and a BSc in Electrical Engineering, both from the Technion. Previously head TA of the CS faculty’s Deep Learning course (2019-2022).

In addition to a my research pursuits, I have a strong technical background in software engineering. Before starting my PhD I worked in multiple technical roles. I have extensive experience writing robust, testable, well-designed code, leading software teams and architecting large-scale systems.

selected publications

  1. Preprint
    Fast Nonlinear Vector Quantile Regression
    Aviv A. Rosenberg, Sanketh Vedula, Yaniv Romano, and Alex M. Bronstein
    May 2022
  2. NatComm
    Codon-specific Ramachandran plots show amino acid backbone conformation depends on identity of the translated codon
    Aviv A. Rosenberg, Ailie Marx, and Alex M. Bronstein
    Nature Communications May 2022
  3. PNAS
    Meeting the unmet needs of clinicians from AI systems showcased for cardiology with deep-learning–based ECG analysis
    Yonatan Elul, Aviv A. Rosenberg, Assaf Schuster, Alex M. Bronstein, and Yael Yaniv
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences May 2021
  4. Nat. Sci. Rep.
    Signatures of the autonomic nervous system and the heart’s pacemaker cells in canine electrocardiograms and their applications to humans
    Aviv A Rosenberg, Ido Weiser-Bitoun, George E Billman, and Yael Yaniv
    Nature Scientific Reports May 2020
  5. Frontiers
    PhysioZoo: a novel open access platform for heart rate variability analysis of mammalian electrocardiographic data
    Joachim A Behar, Aviv A Rosenberg, Ido Weiser-Bitoun, Ori Shemla, Alexandra Alexandrovich, and 2 more authors
    Frontiers in Physiology May 2018